8-12 Year Old Art (Thursdays @ 4:30)

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Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm. Meets weekly; started in September but we accept and love late-joiners; runs through May, 2022  

Kate's Art School is a fun, yet formal, visual arts training program.  During the course of the school year, students will learn drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media and printmaking techniques, while using all professional grade materials, not student-grade materials.  Parents typically report that after just one year at Kate's Art School, they see big and exciting advances in their child's artwork.  All of the mediums (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc), help build skills in each other, so it is important that in this type of program, we practice it all. This is a techniques-based program, not a project-based program, so students learn tools and techniques to add to their already existing art practice and exploration, at home.  There is no prior art training required, just an already existing love for art!  

$60 per month, plus enrollment fee of $10. All materials are included except for sketchbooks and aprons.  Each Student should bring both, every week.  These items can be brought from home, or purchased at Kate's Art School.

*Before checking out, please read our Policy Page.  

*Due to the rising costs of art materials we are anticipating a price increase in Feburary for our classes. We are commited to keeping our costs the same until after the holidays are over*

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