Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Block - 10"x14"

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  • 100% cotton paper of the highest quality and
  • Glued on all 4 sides
  • Convenience of working on a block provides: support durability eliminates stretching
  • Acid-free and gelatin sized
  • Arches Watercolor Blocks are perfect for outdoor "plein air" painting and also convenient for travel
  • French bound
  • Light texture, making it easier to achieve certain details
  • Reflects light well, retaining the transparent quality of watercolours
  • Arches papers are cylinder mould made as they have been for over a century. With long fibers, this thick, stable sheet is beautiful, durable, and resillient
  • Paper undergoes sophisticated testing and monitoring, with every sheet individually inspected to assure the finest quality 20 sheets

"Many artists will tell you don't need to invest in the highest quality materials to learn if you like the medium.  When it comes to watercolor, I totally disagree.  You will struggle if you don't use the best materials.  Good paper and paint, make this medium easier to use and learn."  -Kate  


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