GOLDEN Gel & Paste Set

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  •  introductory set of acrylic gel mediums and molding pastes offers the opportunity to experiment with a range of textures and sheens
  • 2 oz (60 ml) tube of Soft Gel (Gloss), Regular Gel (Semi-Gloss), Extra-Heavy Gel (Matte), Light Molding Paste, Coarse Pumice Gel, and Clear Tar Gel.

  • Set includes product sample cards consisting of finished one-inch square samples of each product with a brief description

"One of the aspects that makes our program different, is that we encourage artists to use a range of different paint consistencies and mediums so that layers of color show through automatically.  In other words, without spending much time on teaching ground colors and glazing, our students are achieving these techniques just because of the products we present."  -Kate  


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