Landscapes and a New Point of View (10/18 to 11/1)

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Tuesdays 2:30-4:30pm, October 18th-November 1st

Tired of speeding through places and clicking through images? Zoom in and slow down in this multi-week workshop focused on experimental approaches to the landscape. Use graphite while looking closely, examining your perceptions, and reorienting yourself with the world around you.  Work through a series of activities to record, alter, and amplify your experiences in the landscape into artworks. Prioritize looking, listening, and noticing; create blind contour drawings; consider animals' points of view, such as an ant or a bird; look down and look up to create horizonless images; make sideways and upside down pictures; and look through magnifying glasses, mirrors, and lenses. Studio projects encourage play with scale and size, experimentation with atmosphere, detail, and clarity, and offer alternative approaches to the picture plane and traditional pictorial structures.

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