Mandala Mixer (Thursdays)

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Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm; 5 weeks; February 28 - March 28


Mandalas are a sanskrit word that means "Center" or "Circle" and are found across all cultures, from the Chinese Yin Yang, to Celtic Sprials, to Christian Rose Windows.  Mandalas are also found in nature, such as in the case of snowflakes and shells.  Join Emily, our instructor, as we explore circular designs that have repeating colors, shapes, and patterns radiating from the center. Mandalas can be precise, carefully measured, geometric, and perfectly symmetrical, or in contrast, free flowing, organic, and asymmetrical. This is a great beginner class.  No prior art experience needed.  Each student will receive a sketchbook to explore basic design concepts that translate to all types of art.  During the five week period, students will collage a mandala.


$150.00.  All materials are included, plus adult party treats.


All Students enrolled an a class such as this are welcome to attend an optional open studio time on Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm, for a discounted rate of $15 per session.

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