Rembrandt Soft Pastels Box - Basic

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  • 218 colors of unsurpassed glow, purity, and intensity. Rembrandt Pastels are made from the best quality, finely ground pure pigments in an extra-fine Kaolin clay binder. The result is a velvety-smooth softness in every color
  • Each rich color is thoroughly blended and uniform, end to end. Rembrandt® Pastels contain no hard bits or sharp edges which could cause shiny spots or scratches during application
  • Rembrandt® Pastels are hand-checked throughout production to ensure artists the consistency in texture, color, and working qualities on which they have come to depend

"As a pastel artist myself these are the ONLY pastels I use for my work. The colors are pure, bright and very blendable. Come to Open Studio and try my personal collection out so I can show what I mean!"  -Kate  


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