Summer Sketchbook Challenge #2 (7/21 to 9/1)

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Summer Sketchbook Challenge #1

Wednesdays, June 2nd-July 14th; 5:45-6:30pm

In this Seven Week course, join Kate for 45 minutes each week and make art a practice.  We'll use the sketchbook to explore how to make our art practice a vital one.  We'll draw and paint in experiment ways, find inspirational images to include in our sketcbooks, look at where we've been and where we might go, and consider how to grow our ideas for our art.  We'll also grow our drawing skills and discover oru own best strengths so we can build on them.  During our time, we'll also talk about these common roadblocks, for artists:

1. What can we do when we feel blocked?
2. How can we overcome the inner critic or feelings of inadequacy?
3. How can we find the time to make art in the midst of busy lives?
4. How do we find our own style in our art?
5. What are great reasons for making art?
6. How do we keep our art practice vital?

All materials including sketchbook, included in cost.

Full Price, if paid today: $130


Two Installments: $70 each.  Second payment to be made on July 1st.


*Before checking out, please read our Policy Page.

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