Summer Studio Challenge (6/17-7/22)

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Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm; Six weeks, June 17th - July 22nd


This course is designed for students, 16 years and older, who have taken at least one multi-week course at Kate's Art School.  When Kate designed this course, her goal was to strengthen concepts of design, experimentation, and creative problem solving in the student body.  Ultimately, we want to have students who come up unique designs, ideas for creation and style.  


To reach this goal, over the course of the class, coursework will focus on solving artist problems related to the principals of design: contrast, emphasis, repetition, pattern, variety, proportion, rhythm, movement, balance, harmony and unity. Each week, students will be presented with a couple design principals and be shown how other artists have successfully executed their work with a focus on these principals.  Students will then be given time to draft and plan projects that focus on these principals of design.


Open studio is an optional two-hour period, directly following.  Students are encouraged to stay for Open Studio to continue to work on ideas started.  Open Studio is $15 per week and is all inclusive of materials, equipment, consult and beverage.  No reservation required for Open Studio.


$150.00 (Summer Studio Challenge). All materials are included.

*optional, additional two hour Open Studio time to follow.  $15 per week, paid at the time of usage.

*Before checking out, please read our Policy Page.