Capturing Mood & Light

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Class Description:

Welcome to our "Capturing Mood and Light in Acrylic" painting class for adults! In this course, we will explore the fascinating world of using acrylic to capture and convey mood, atmosphere, and lighting in your artwork.  The concepts learned also benefit and are transferable to your watercolor and oil practice.

Throughout the class, you will learn various techniques and approaches that will truly bring your paintings to life. Just like all painting classes at Kate's Art School, we will delve into topics such as composition, color theory, value relationships, and brush techniques specific to acrylic. By understanding these fundamental principles, you will develop the skills needed to effectively translate the mood and lighting of your subjects.

Kate will provide step-by-step demonstrations, personalized feedback, and constructive critiques during each session. This guidance will help you hone your abilities and enhance your understanding of how to create captivating artworks that evoke light, shadow, and atmospheric effects.

No prior experience required.  Kate’s classes meet you where you are.  All materials included in price.