Here We Are! Crushing Goals at Kate's

Here We Are! Crushing Goals at Kate's

Posted by Kate Manville-Schwartz on Sep 2nd 2021

At the inception of Kate’s Art School, I knew that I wanted to be a place that the artist community in the Greater Irish Hills Area would be able to go and get professional instruction, use high quality materials, be a friendly face that students could trust, and a pleasant surrounding for people to gather and create.

Throughout the challenges of the last few years, we have grown to offer a variety of classes for all ages and for all skill levels. With any journey there are twists and turns and owning a business has its fair share of problems that require solutions and time. Add in the societal changes in the last 18 months that required constant pivots to keep things running.

Truly, it’s been an exciting thing to see this community come out and support this vision. I cannot share the amount of gratitude that I feel every time I think about the people, friends, and family that have been with me every step of the way. Watching each piece of furniture leave in the hands of volunteers who gave part of their day to see this next step come to fruition was pretty profound.

Now, we are firmly set in our new building, after hours and hours of prep time to give an old building a huge facelift! We have space to grow more and are almost ready for our youth students to get started on another year of artistic skill education. I am so excited to see and facilitate where Kate’s Art School goes from here! Even as I type, there are already MORE irons in the fire, getting ready to shape Kate’s Art School into a Mecca of art education and artistic services. Keep following along with us as we keep finding ways to serve you and your family in their creative goals and needs!