Learn Color Temperature

Learn Color Temperature

Posted by Kate Manville-Schwartz on May 3rd 2021

Using color temperature will help take your paintings from good to great!  

Color temperature is a comparison of how warm or cools colors are in relation to each other.  The warmest color is yellow, and the coolest color is blue.  You'd think they'd be opposite from each other.  Technically they are, but not on the colorwheel that artists typically use.  Every color is warmer and cooler than others. Take red for example, depending on how close one red is to blue or yellow in comparison to another red, will determine which of those reds is warmer (and the other cooler) in relation to each other.  

Understanding this, will help you use it emphasize light and shadow.  

Color Temperature is only one small part of understanding color.  We offer a class to help understand all of color: "Understanding Color."  Join Kate in June for this adult only class, as we explore the basics of color psychology, paint mixing, and the science of color. It is appropriate for both beginners and students looking to brush up on skills and concepts. Students will get a clearer understanding of the complex nuances of color. We'll tackle tints, tones, shades, complements, neutrals and the differences between hue, value and intensity.