Let's Talk Critique

Let's Talk Critique

Posted by Kate Manville-Schwartz on Jul 26th 2021

Did you know that you have an artistic superpower? It's that negative little voice in your head telling you that you that your art is no good.  That voice can also be the biggest villain in your artistic journey.

The creative process has lots of opportunities to learn patience, trust in yourself and the knowledge you hold. When almost any artist completes an art piece or project, they clean up and take a good look at it. Naturally, most of us are looking at our work critically: where could we have improved? Is the value right? Are there any places that don't look balanced? etc. That little voice that judges your art isn't a 'bad' thing.  In fact, those that never critique their art, never really grow. 

Occasionally, I see the person that does this too much. They never seem happy with their art, they pick at themselves, and make that little voice become a god. That's not helpful at all. In fact, I'm always telling my students, "be careful what your subconscious brain hears you say."  When you're constantly beating yourself up verbally, your subconscious brain believes that's all your worth and doesn't help your conscious brain to help you be who you want, including the artist you want to be.

But what do you do if you don't know how to make it better?...Take classes, get a critique from other artists, or show up to an open studio session.  Knowing that there's a problem with your art isn't a problem at all, but focus on the solution! You will definitely get better over time with that attitude.  Artists are a lot more like scientists than people really want to admit...it's really a process of troubleshooting.