Private Wheel Lessons

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Offered by appointment afternoon and evening Tuesday thru Friday.

Join Kate, one-on-one, for a 60 min. private lesson to expand your skills with ceramics and learn how to 'throw' on the wheel. This opportunity for a single student, not a group.  Students have to be at least twelve years of age, up through adult to learn the correct form on how to pull pots up from small lumps of clay to actual vessels. Learning to use the wheel takes strength and finesse, each lesson will meet the student where they are in the learning process, the more lessons you take the better your grasp. Kate will contact you within THREE business days after this lesson is purchased to set up which date can be scheduled for your lesson. No prior experience necessary. All materials included in cost.  

**Must give 72 hours notice of cancellation before confirmed appointment for lesson to be rescheduled. 

*Before checking out, please read our Policy Page.

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