Boiling Down Painting Instruction

Boiling Down Painting Instruction

Posted by Kate Manville-Schwartz on Apr 10th 2021

Our Painting Instruction Method is Tried and True!One of the best ways to begin your painting journey is to just start.  One school of thought is to get good at drawing first, and no doubt, there … read more

3 Things That'll Help You Draw Hair (and Fabric)

Posted by Kate Manville-Schwartz on Mar 23rd 2021

Learn to draw hair and fabric, so you can actually draw people!This week, I showed this lesson to my teen students who are eager to get better at drawing people.  Hair and clothes are just as imp … read more

Kate Makes Custom Art Easter Baskets!

Posted by Kate Manville-Schwartz on Mar 17th 2021

Let me design a Custom Easter Basket for your Child!I absolutely lOVE helping parents make gifts for their children, especially if the child is in my class.  First of all, I love my students, so … read more