6-8 Year Old Clay Crafts Camp: Exploring Pottery Techniques for Young Artists

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Three Days:  July 30, 31 & August 1; 1:00-4:00pm 

Welcome to our three-day Clay Crafts Camp, designed specifically for aspiring young artists aged 6-8 years old. In this exciting camp, students will immerse themselves in the world of pottery and explore various clay construction techniques and methods.

Under the guidance of Kate, our young artists will learn the essential skills needed to create functional pottery pieces. Through hands-on activities, they will practice pinching, rolling, scoring, slipping, and more, unlocking their creativity and unleashing their imaginations.

Throughout the camp, we will focus on fostering the students' understanding of clay as a versatile medium for artistic expression. They will have the opportunity to shape and mold their creations, learning how to transform their ideas into tangible works of art.

Apart from honing their pottery skills, students will also develop patience, focus, and attention to detail as they work on their projects. They will learn the importance of precision and craftsmanship while experiencing the joy of seeing their ideas come to life.

At the end of the camp, each student will have a collection of unique and functional pottery pieces to take home, showcasing their newfound talent and creativity. Join us at Clay Crafts Camp, where imagination meets craftsmanship, and every pinch and roll leads to endless possibilities!

$260.00. All materials are included except for aprons/smocks.  Aprons required and can be brought from home, or purchased at Kate's Art School.

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